Now is the time to start thinking of ways to come together in order to protect the future.
     The safety of our families, children, & loved ones are at higher risk than they’ve ever been.
   The recent massacre in Orlando, Florida highlights the hatred that possesses America every day.
103 people went out sociably to have a good time and never made it back home.
53  innocent party goers were injured while another 50  people were left dead in cold blood.
   The identified gunman, Omar Mateen, open fired around 2AM after dialing 911 himself. Calls say he claimed to be part of a militant group known as Isis, and was justifying his aggressive behavior as a pledge to his own personal beliefs.
     Before this incident Omar Mateen seemed to be an everyday working citizen. He was a trained security guard at a juvenile detention center. He had a valid license to carry firearms so nothing seemed strange about him purchasing weapons.
(After all buying licensed guns isn’t against the law).
   The suspicion begins to arise once details of Mateen being mentally unstable & abusive came to surface. Not only was he involved in domestic violence cases but an ex co worker also described him as explosive & racist. The former co worker reports that working with him was very disturbing because he often openly showed hatred towards black people, women, & gays.
     Another red flag that makes you wonder how could a guy like this be allowed to carry weapons were reports that Omar Mateen had been under FBI survellience for possible terrorist ties in 2013!
   After all the suspicion of not only Omar Mateen, but other deathly cases such as
the murder of an unarmed teen in Sanford, Florida, The Charleston church shooting in South Carolina,
 the slaughter of first graders in an Elementary school in Conneticut, the deaths of 31 college students on a campus in Blacksburg, Virginia,
and another recent shooting in a club in New York, it makes anyone wonder
Why the hell aren’t there any restrictions on gun laws’?!

   How is it ok for a system to be so lenient to the point where everyday citizens are easily able to purchase firearms?
There must come a point where law enforcers realize that the access to these weapons, are obviously causing more issues than they are preventing them.
There must be a call for solution or these types of tragedies will only continue to get worse!
With the homicide rate rising, and the lack of reinforcement on gun control, the hatred of society has led to another act of terrorism which has been labeled
             The Deadliest Mass Shooting in American History.
We must quit depending on a system to prevail justice and find a solution.
     Or there will be no safe world for children to grow up in.
At any moment, anywhere, a shooting could take place and another life could end prematurely.
We need to start protecting our communities.
We need to bring awareness to the youth.
We need to teach love and
                                     Stop the Violence.

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