Make Your Voice Heard!
    If you're one of those people who feel politics are just a waste of time,
I'll drop a few good reasons why you should AT LEAST get out and make your vote count.
     Now in all actuality the presidential elections can seem a little far fetched. Obviously politics cater around social classes that have the most money while the rest of the world's problems seem to go unheard.
     While voter's opinions seem to get unnoticed, and so much ruckus being stirred up about policy changes, it's easy to understand why most citizens would rather ignore the campaigns than get involved.

     For those who truly feel that the elections are a distraction from real world issues, 
try participating locally!
Find out who's running for mayor in your city;
By making direct contact there are better chances of solutions being made. 

Research & write down any questions you may have about educational concerns, economical issues or anything else you'd like to see improvement in around your community. 
    By reaching out to the city's local council there is a much better chance of getting immediate responses.
Attend some town hall meetings and participate in group discussions where social issues can be addressed to elected officials.
    Anything of concern from education funds, roads that need to be fixed, community safety, and other complaints can be discussed openly.

It's far fetched to believe that there's a way to please every person
but at least by voting locally, chances of being heard are much stronger. It's important to weigh out the pros and cons when choosing a candidate that best fit the needs of the community.

Be voiceful about problems that you see going on.
You may find that there are many others with similar concerns or ideas.

Focus on which candidates in your city are most visible within the area. Pay attention to times and days where Town Meetings are held and be active.
Start noticing if any changes are being made.

The place where you live can be as nice and prosperous as you want it!
   But if nobody speaks up when needed, nothing can be done when problems arise.
There are always ways to advance our social tools so don't think one voice can't make a huge difference.
If all else fails, you can always vote "Independent", right?
 Just don't forget to register:)