Got Bud? Legalize It or Nah??
 So whats the big deal anyway? Weed's been around for hundreds of decades now. It seems that with the new recreational use law and legalization growing more popular in the U.S. its only a matter of time before its legal everywhere. Going to jail over it's possession will one day be a myth,But in the 'now' times is it possible to find an appropriate answer to one of the most frequently asked questions: "Should marijuana be legal"?
Anybody with a brain can come to the conclusion "its a drug" ...duh!
And its a safe assumption to say that everybody on this earth has had to use a drug at some point in their life. 
Now whether it serves as a more beneficial or destructive drug to society would be a better survey.
Anything can be considered a gateway drug. Some may over indulge in pain killers while some find comfort in the popular sleep medicine found in cough syrups better known to make you "lean". 
But what makes a drug ok enough to be legal or dangerously threatening enough to ban and make it illegal?
An interesting idea came from the European's classification between 'Hard Drugs' and 'Soft Drugs'. In some countries usage is monitored and criminal punishment is only taken if the person has over a certain amount or the potency is too high. 
Well good luck trying to catch the guys holding one gram too many! 
This year there was a reported sum of over 100 million marijuana users worldwide. One out of few people smoke. One out of a few people including your doctor, gynecologist, counselor, personal trainer, or accountant, could be high RIGHT NOW and you don't even know it.
So lets go back to the beginning to find out how such a little herb became such a great big national concern.