Adapting to Change and its Dramatic Effect:
How many of us take time to love the little things?
While traveling through Life's journey, everyone encounters
mishap. This we can't avoid. What we can control is the
way we decide to react.
Reaction is what determines the outcome of the next
situation. It's the passion of looking forward to what is
to come that drives us all to live.

For instance:       All Judy ever wanted to do was dance.
Ever since she was a child she practiced and performed;
From ballet recitals to talent shows, Judy never missed a beat.
If it wasn't for her passion she probably wouldn't
have earned a scholarship to Fine Arts School.
   Dance was apart of Judy the same way breath is to life.
One day, late for a rehearsal, Judy raced to the garage
to crank up her car.
As she got ready to back out she slammed on breaks
when she noticed her younger sister standing behind the
  In a frantic rush Judy shoved the gear into Park and
got out. "What are you doing?!" she shouted as she wrapped her hands around
her little sister's tiny wrist and pulled her out the way. "I your need help," she cried
as she followed Judy back to the drivers side of the car. "I don't have time! Go inside."
Judy yelled back.
     As any younger sibling would be, she was persistent.
"Judy, please! Can you tie my shoe in a double knot?" She threw her
leg across Judy's lap. Judy ignored the request as she put on her seatbelt.
   "You know how to tie your shoe," she said as she gently pushed her back away from the car and slammed
the door shut. She stuck her head out the window and said, "This afternoon I'll show you how to do a
double knot." Judy pressed the gas and sped out the driveway in a hurry.

Thirty mins later Judy's mother stood waiting in traffic on Hwy 13,
gently tapping her fingertips against the steering wheel. As cars slowly began to move forward she announced,
"I hope Judy beat this traffic jam or she's going to have a fit!" she giggled to her daughter in the backseat.
                 "I thought dance practice made her happy though mommy,"
          "Well it does, she just gets frustrated cause she has a lot on her mind."
                               ..."Yeah? Like what?"
           Judy's mother chuckled at her daughters innocent inquiry.
         "Well you know how she is, little things just get to her sometimes."
           Traffic slowly continued moving forward.
            As they reached the front of the line her mother noticed pieces of a collision that had caused the backup.
        Metal scraps were scattered all across the road!
     An 18 Wheeler truck had toppled over in the median where it left two huge tire marks across
the right lane as though it hit the brakes incredibly way too fast.
      "Whoah! Do you see that?" The excited child shouted while gazing out the backseat window.
"Oh my gosh! You'd better sit back," she replied to her daughter while
 reaching for her cell phone, reluctantly picking up speed
   as traffic resumed to normal pace while ambulance sirens
   wailed in the background. She starred through her rearview mirror
   to see the last bit of tragedy disappear from view as they
   continued their drive up the road. "I'm going to see if Judy made it yet..."
                             Hours passed ... Days lingered ... Months Later ...

   Judy rested her neck on the back of the cold leather couch
watching a rerun of Dance Moms. Mostly thinking rather than
paying attention to the old episode. She quickly wiggled
her toes. A smirk crossed her face each time she watched her
feet move to the sound of the background music.
   Judy sighed out loud, 'I shouldn't have ever tried to pass that truck,' she kept reminding
She shook her head as she continued to think back,
 'Ugh, I was already at my exit' she thought as she relaxed
her muscles when the commercial came on.
   Her thoughts were interrupted when her sister burst into the living
room holding up a wire hanger. "Is your cast itching yet, Judy?!"
   She shook her head, "Not yet but you can watch TV with me!
I might need it soon, what do you say?"  Her sister ignored the question
as she rubbed her fingers across the names that had been scribbled
on Judy's cast.  Multiple colors and designs stretched from the top of the thigh
down to the ankle where Judy's bare foot hung out.

   "Does it still hurt?" her sister asked while starring into Judy's eyes.
She shook her head once again. "Not anymore. I just can't wait to move
my whole leg again," she replied while squeenching up her face.
   "Are you going to dance again?"
   "Well, it will take a while. I won't be able to do my plays anymore
but I'll be able to move around, at least"
   "You know something? Then you can be my teacher! Just like that,"
her sister said to her while pointing at the TV show that had come back on.
"And my friends too! We could learn to dance and go to school just like you."
     For the first time in months Judy laughed hysterically.
She wrapped her arms around her sister and said, "You know what, you're right!
I bet there's a lot of girls who need a dance teacher like I had, huh?"
"Uh huh," her sister replied as she placed the hanger on the floor. "And I'll
go all around the world and dance with the famous people on stage too!"
        "Oh, Really," Judy said trying not to let the tears from her eyes drip down her face.
 "What makes you think you're good as me?" she smiled playfully.
"Cause! Look what I can do!" She threw her leg into Judy's lap,
holding it stiffly, while balancing on her other foot.
                      "I learned to tie my shoe in a double knot."
She wrapped her arms around her sister's little waist, picked her up, and sat her in her lap,
                                   "And you did it allll by yourself!"


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