Have you ever received one of those amazing emails saying you won some money

 or that a great job opportunity was waiting for you, all you had to do was pay a small, ONE TIME FEE?!


Unfortunately as the old saying goes,

'If it sounds too good to be true'

... Usually, it is!

  It's Nice to Catch a Break Sometimes



-Giving out Bank Account Information

-Wiring Money to Strangers

-Winning Contests You Didn't Sign Up For

-Receiving Jobs You Didn't Apply to

-Paying for Auditions

-Getting Calls from Debt Collectors

 If You Haven't Taken Out Any Loans

If you're An Entrepreneur of any kind there's 

 a consistent goal to reach the next level

and the internet has created a breeding grounds for sharks

 to prey off those hard-working minds by baiting them

to think the Next Big Break could be a click within reach... 

Always, always.. 

 Double check if something feels uncertain. Look at a company's ratings & reviews.  A quick google search, comparing social media stats, and audience engagement could tell  you everything you need to know.

  The whole point of a scam is to convince the buyer they're catching a deal. Here are some loose ends to lookout for:

*Fraudulent Checks-cannot be determined by banks until a few days after being in the system. IF someone sends money for a gig up front and requires a small fee payment, most likely somethings up. When receiving payments online try to keep a paper trail of receipts and invoices. 

*Identity Theft-its important to come up with strong passwords if spending alot of time shopping online. Hackers are creative so try to stay a step ahead. Log out of websites and try not to allow credit info and passwords to be auto saved.


  It may be worth the risk, (if you CAN afford it) to spend money if it will benefit your brand but,

 You Don't Want to Feel Like Your Investments Are A Waste  Take time to prioritize and invest where it counts! For instance if you're an artist or a model, it'd be smart to go broke because you've spent your finances on things you needed like headshots, merchandise; you can later sell, promotional items, equipment or anything that would build your resume, rather than putting all your eggs in one basket, without having a stable recovery plan just in case, "something doesn't work out".

All You Gotta Do Is Show Up Opportunities are at your finger tips. Its worth it to take advantage of today's digital market place, just remember to be safe, consider ALL outcomes before making decisions, and never forget to secure the bag! 

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