Would you say there's still too much Black on Black crime going on today?
     Has #BlackLivesMatter become a excuse to profit off marketing Or
is it a true defense against the increase of inexplainable deaths to unarmed Black Americans?
  Is is true what they say, that  One is only as good as their environment?
   So what would that say about a community that shoots one another up
as quickly as the death rate changes?
Hate has no identity.
   It's no surprise that the lack of unity within today's cultures, especially within Hip Hop, has changed the way young entrepreneurs handle business.
There's a shortage of new rapper's faces appearing on Hollywood Big Screens.
With as much buzz that some of these new online stars are getting, you would think you'd hear more names featured on films, commercials, tv shows, and other major platforms.

   The Underground doesn't appear to be excelling any further into the mainstream world of entertainment the way it used to. With so many deaths evolving around social media beefs between rap groups its starting to look  like the rap game has become more of a gang turf head quarters instead of a field of business.
     New comers like Slim Jesus even build careers off pretending to "Pull up on your block at night wearing all black and let that 40 bang," like he proudly boasts in his song "Drill Time''.
Once he addressed the fact "I don't really live like that," in his DJ Vlad interview a lot of negative backlash was voiced giving the idea that "Hip Hop may be becoming racist", stated by angry viewers & online followers.

   Comparison has been made between White Rappers being able to advance their careers through gun lyrics versus artist like Migos and Bobby Shmurda who have been incarcerated based off YouTube videos.
   Could this true?!
Could ideas through music videos and violent lyrics really send a subconscious message that blindly encourages racism?

   Not only have more twitter wars been stirred up about a picture posted on a blog site that compared two Hip Hop couples cover photos; One showing an interracial couple in a family environment, the other snap shot vaguely advertising the black couple more as 'a pimp with his ho'.
Trending Topics and Timelines prove that a lot of people now days believe the Hip Hop industry is an exploitation to black culture rather than it is a ladder to help build careers.
   Plenty of people have bashed popular artist that seemingly progress faster in the business because of race, but no argument stands out like the blacks against black issues!
    Sometimes ideas can be miscommunicated and even good ones can be challenged.
There's nothing wrong with directing feelings openly but all that was shut down when actress, Stacey Dash, was recently verbally massacred across social media for addressing her point "BET should be banned". [http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/bet-trolls-stacey-dash-on-instagram-after-oscars-2016-boycott-remarks-w162215]
      People went so far as to referring to her as a 'sellout' and reactions were similar when superstar rapper  Boosie Badazz stated his belief that "African Americans are the worst race" in a Peter Bailey night cap, [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rG_UUAfD0mc].
He went on to say Blacks always talk about racism, yet they're the ones killing each other instead of taking back their communities.

    Obviously the statements that brought about heavy confrontation weren't intentionally intended as insults.
They were just opinions that came from places of personal experience, which everyone will have different views about.

But one truth no one can hide is that, Actions Dictate Outcome.
There comes a point where you have to stop making excuses, Stop talking about the business of others, look past color, and just get involved.
  It doesn't matter what you do. Try something;
   Even if it's something as simple as encouraging the person you KNOW has the will power to make a bigger impact.
It's important to protect our culture.

    In a generation so advanced, there's no reason why racism should still be allowed to breathe. With Hip Hop being one of the fastest growing and most influential cultures in time, it should be used to inspire and promote better ideas, instead of following stereotypical marketing trends.
Good people are good people, no matter what  their background may be.
Hate is still hate and it is wrong no matter who it's coming from!
    We're living in a culture that's so adaptable to change you'd think factors simple as
race and gender wouldn't play such a huge part in progression ....
yet it does.
And we all have the power to change that!
You never know how influential your actions can be until you try.
Of course there is no such thing as a perfect world but it can be prosperous
for everyone to enjoy and exercise their freedom.
If there's at least one simple thing to START by doing, try to be that change.
                                                                   Stop allowing discrimination.

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